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Here you can find numerous guides on how to organize a giveaway, what to look out for. If you don't have a lot of time, at least check out our exhaustive Q&A. 

Everyone likes to win. This is the reason why prize games and contests can be a powerful tool in promotion. Through interaction with the brand, customers have the opportunity to win valuable prizes. Come with us on this journey where we will soon be sailing in new, exciting waters.

Emotions play a large role in the motivation to buy, and most of the items that consumers buy are driven by the subconscious. It all comes down to branding. The human brain is wired to seek mental shortcuts to avoid purposeful thinking. This is a fundamental concept on which brands are built - for customers to remember and connect with a brand, they need to be kept engaged and passionate through every interaction.

Another important factor that encourages consumers to buy is how well the marketing campaign is executed. Since consumers prefer to buy products from brands they are familiar with, repetition is an effective way to keep a brand in their minds. It is an effective method of ensuring a longer retention of the product in their subconscious, which is an essential way of raising brand awareness. Contest campaigns act as a reminder for the brand, but in a less intrusive way than advertisements.

Andrej Steven Horvat 5 min read

Conversational marketing: the future of customer engagement

In today's fast-paced world, customers demand quick and personalised interactions with ...
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Andrej Steven Horvat 3 min read

The Science Behind Why People Love Competing in Reward Contests

The Science Behind Why People Love Competing in Reward Contests
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Andrej Steven Horvat 8 min read

How to Use Survey Giveaways to Motivate Participants

Surveys are an important tool for collecting valuable feedback from customers or ...
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Andrej Steven Horvat 26 min read

What is Zero-party Data and Why Will it Become so Important?

What is zero-party data? Data is being collected on individuals and exchanged everyday ...
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Andrej Steven Horvat 7 min read

Processing of personal data in prize games

Consent We must have the voluntary and unequivocal consent of the participant to process ...
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Tomislav Dominić 5 min read

The usual mistakes in the organization of the prize game

Let's show it with an example Your prize game has ended and you are satisfied with the ...
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Tomislav Dominić 9 min read

Guide on how to do a prize game draw

The right to participate Check the criteria for entry into the draw. For example: whether ...
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Tomislav Dominić 6 min read

Which type of prize game and application channel should you choose?

WhatsApp prize game The form of the prize game, which allows the upload of multimedia ...
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Tomislav Dominić 2 min read

The value of a prize game in marketing

The easier the participation... The easier the participation, the higher the response and ...
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Andrej Steven Horvat 8 min read

Prize game or contest: What's the difference?

Element of luck The main difference between a raffle and a contest is the element of ...
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Andrej Steven Horvat 10 min read

How to have a huge number of participants

It takes time A well-executed contest campaign can have long-lasting impacts on a ...
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