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BuyerFy is a one-stop-shop for your entire

Gamificiation Marketing lifecycle

IMPROVING PRIZE RULES Entering and reviewing the rules that will govern the Sweeepstake - Prize Game, verifies whether laws such as GDPR are visible and insightful.
PARTICIPATION IN VISUAL COMMUNICATION Checking whether the: rules are clearly explained;
whether contacts in case of queries and complaints are clearly visible.  
COMPLETION OF SOURCE DOCUMENTATION FOR SWEEPSTAKE - PRIZE GAMES APPLICATION Application, Rules, Technical Performance Agreement for SMS, Game Managers Agreement (GDPR), General Contract with Customer, Redemption Confirmation Red Cross, Bank Guarantee (Required, for example, in BIH)
SOFTWARE CREATION We can create a new app or customize the existing one. From the deduplication of the data to the transparent way of randomly choosing the winners, these are the key moments of the PG.
PROFESSIONAL 24/7 CALL CENTER Warren Buffett said: “Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” That is why we have a call center: it is better to defuse the situation and calm down the person than to have potential escalation of relationship.
PRIZE SHIPMENT You probably know how hard it is to send only one package. Imagine you have to send them 200 and each one of them carries a valuable gift and is representing an important brand. We will do it without mistakes.
Implementation of registration via WhatsApp messages

Challenges by signing up for a prize game through modern channels

There are ready-made solutions used by modern companies

  • A small revolution is taking place in the world of prize games
  • Just as we are witnessing the development of artificial intelligence and its integration in various spheres of society, it was to be expected that this would also happen in our "playful" area of ​​prize games.
BuyerFy solutions

How to reach end users and gain their loyalty?

Nowadays, it is necessary to have a modern and (statistically) measurable approach to users if you want to keep their attention. That's why we designed an approach that fundamentally changes the approach to the end user


WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook  Messenger, Instagram

- Messaging platforms are always at hand for buyers, and that is why our applications and communication with consumers have the highest response. 
- New technologies bring simpler solutions, such as sending an application via Messenger and chat apps. It is currently trending to have multiple applications available to reach more different populations.
- We cover all this in order to make it as easy as possible for participants to apply for the prize and send answers to a few of our questions about the brand.


Gamification Model

It has to be fun and simple. But the most important thing is that it should be attractive. Customers like to have the hope that luck will strike them when shopping your products.


Collected Data

For them to know that they are your buyers, we ask them for a photo of the receipts, from which everything can be seen. With sociodemographic data and a few questions through the annex, they will know you more than any market research agency.


Buyers Analysis

When we connect the data from where buyers got information about your campaign, their socio-demographic data and everything you asked them through the survey, we will have a complete picture of the buyer persona of your products.

Let's Build Gamification Together

By working with BuyerFy you can reach your goals in no-time. You will master your new gamification campaign like a pro!