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CAN MY COMPANY CREATE A PRIZE GAME ITSELF? Of course. Most companies actually do it themselves.

If you need any advice regarding organization, we are here for you!

DOES EVERY PRIZE GAME HAVE TO BE REGISTERED WITH THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE? Every prize draw in the Republic of Croatia must be registered with the Ministry of Finance.

The prize draw must be registered more than 15 days before the start of the prize draw. If you miss that deadline, your game will not be legal.

Since a number of other documents are required, I suggest that you visit the page of Narodne novine where the official Regulations of the Ministry of Finance are:  KLIKNITE OVDJE.
DOES THE GAME HAVE TO INCLUDE SMS LOGIN? Raffles do not need to have an SMS entry, unless you want to.

If you have decided on SMS, be sure to follow HAKOM's rules on advertising: PLEASE CLICK HERE.
HOW LONG IS THE IDEAL TIME PERIOD FOR A SWEEPSTAKES TO LAST? There is no universal rule for how long a game should last. But most games run for about two months.

We suggest that you carefully determine not only the duration of the prize game, but also when it will start: the season, holidays, trends play a big role in the success of the game.
CAN THE GAME BE ORGANIZED THROUGH WHATSAPP SINCE THEY ARE PART OF FACEBOOK? The prize draw can still be organized through WhatsApp. Just keep in mind that no one in the Republic of Croatia can do this except us.

If you don't believe me, check it out :)
Namely, all the others work on the basis of variable costs. That's not the case with us: as we agreed, that's how it will be!
How to organize a prize game? There are various types of prize games. It is necessary to choose a good prize game mechanism, attractive prizes and a memorable name.
SMS prize game, online applications, chatbot for prize game, mailing or filling in coupons - we've done it all before and know what to watch out for in the technical realization of a prize game.
The most important step is the drawing of winners, which must be regular and transparent.

For some clients, we handle the entire logistics of prizes - selection and procurement, contacting winners, packaging and shipping. The participants patiently waited for the winners to be drawn, they are looking forward to the prize and we want that experience to remain in their fond memories.

A good response to the raffle is the goal of every organizer. The number of registrations and participants can be monitored in real time on the user pages of our platform, and after the end of the prize game, we make a statistical report that is very detailed!

What do you need to do to participate? To participate in the prize draw, it is usually necessary to purchase a product in a certain quantity or amount. It is easiest when it is enough to buy one, any product of a certain brand.

It is necessary to pay attention to the number of different products that are included in the prize draw.
For example, if it is about batteries, the condition for participation can be the purchase of any product of a brand (a large number of different items) or the purchase of products only from a certain category. The wider the assortment, the better the response to the raffle.

The range of products included in the raffle must not be too small, because the response to the raffle will also be modest. If we have a campaign for the promotion of a new flavor of a popular drink, it is better to include all products in a raffle (and focus on the new flavor in the campaign), than to make a raffle in which the condition is to buy only the drink with the new flavor.

Where is the prize draw held? The location of the prize draw varies according to the points of sale where the draw is conducted, and this may include:
• All points of sale in the country (national prize game)
• Sales points of a certain retail chain (tailor made prize game).

Both variants can be successful - a national sweepstakes is often accompanied by a strong marketing campaign, and a tailor-made sweepstakes has better visibility at points of sale and in the retailer's catalog.

A special category are prize games organized by retail chains in their own sales network, on the entire range of products on offer. Such sweepstakes are usually the most successful, as retailers introduce customers to the sweepstakes through all available channels. A popular way to enter a vendor into a sweepstakes is to provide a customer with an additional entry into a drawing to purchase selected products.

After purchasing, participants report their account number or unique code. Sweepstakes with unique codes can be extremely successful, but must be planned in advance due to the printing of codes on packaging and marketing.

How do participants apply? The way to sign up for the prize draw must be simple. Nowadays, customers mostly apply through one or more digital channels, and all applications are stored in a central database from which winners are drawn. 


Some popular channels for entering the sweepstakes are:
• Filling out the online form
• Sending SMS
• Registration in the mobile application
• Logging in through a chatbot (for example WhatsApp).

Most often, we use a combination of an online form as the simplest channel and an SMS that the participant can send even if he is not connected to the Internet.

How long should the prize game last? The standard duration of the prize draw is from four to eight weeks. If a prize draw with a duration longer than four weeks is planned, it is good to have weekly and/or daily prizes in order to maintain the attractiveness of the draw throughout the entire period of duration.

Given that the prize game takes about a week to gain visibility, the optimal duration is six to eight weeks.

In order to avoid choosing the wrong lottery mechanism, it is good to ask the following questions:
• What is the main goal of the raffle? This can be: increasing sales in a certain period, finding new customers, support in the launch of a new product, increasing the number of card transactions, increasing the number of loyalty program users, and the like.
• How often does the customer use or consume my product? Is it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? For example, someone will buy a liter of milk every day, while filling the car with fuel once every two weeks.
• What is the minimum amount a customer must spend to qualify for participation?
• What is the price of the cheapest and the most expensive product that is included in the promotion?
• Will we encourage the customer to buy and consume the product more often if we have daily and weekly rewards?
• Is it realistic to expect the customer to buy two or more products at once because of the prize draw? If it's a brand that has a wide range, that's fine. If it is a type of product that the customer uses over a long period of time, for example laundry detergent, this means that the second package must be stored.
• How many outlets will be included in the prize promotion? What will the support be like through promotional materials, catalog and ads?
• Can we have instructions for participation on the product through a special label or sticker? Is a unique code application possible?

Depending on the main goal and the answers to the other questions, we determine the ideal mechanism and the desired results.

What makes a good prize pool? The selection of awards is a separate topic, which is dealt with separately in the rest of the text. Attractive prizes are a key factor in generating sweepstakes response.

Clients often ask us: Is it better to have one big award or many smaller ones? Raffles are an impulse promotion, and in the ideal case we have a big main prize that is the object of desire of a wide circle of potential customers. In addition to the main prize, it is good to have smaller prizes in order to reward a larger number of customers who will remember the prize draw fondly.

Technical implementation of the prize game

Technical implementation means ensuring all technical solutions for receiving applications for the prize draw and processing them in an appropriate manner. Depending on the method of registration for the prize draw, it can be:
• Creation of a landing page (destination) website for the prize draw
• Creating an online form
• SMS gateway system for receiving and sending SMS
• Integration with mobile application
• Creating a chatbot application.

Personal data must be collected and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
When creating an online form, you should take care of transparency and ease of filling. 

In addition to receiving applications for the prize game, it is necessary to process data in accordance with the rules of the prize game. For example, to ensure that one account number or one purchase only enters the competition for prizes once, regardless of the method of application.

Administration of the prize game

The rules are the most important document in the organization of the prize game. The rules determine the conditions of participation, describe the method of application and determine the method and schedule of drawing winners.

In addition to the rules, it is necessary to draw up a record of the prize drawing.
Prize games are regulated by special laws and regulations, depending on the country and the market, and it is necessary to seek approval of the rules of the prize game from the competent authority. The equality of all participants and the equal opportunity to win after meeting the conditions for participation must be ensured.

Sweepstakes rules can be a powerful tool to prevent attempts to cheat and gain an unfair advantage in the draw. In the rules, we can specify that a particular account number or code may be reported only once. We may also limit the number of entries per person and determine that one person can only win one prize. That way we will reward a larger number of different customers.
When the winner is drawn, it is necessary to draw up a record of the draw, which is submitted to the competent authority.

The rules of the prize game and the results of the draw are usually published on the Internet. In addition to the publication of the rules and the promotion of the prize game, we provide support for customer inquiries related to the prize game. It is good to highlight the contact email or phone number for inquiries on promotional materials. If the organizer has a Customer Service, colleagues should be informed about the prize draw and possible inquiries so that customers receive a timely and accurate answer.

How are the winners drawn?

The drawing of the winner is the most important moment of every prize game. The draw adds an element of excitement and unpredictability, because every entry can become a winner.
The draw must be fair and transparent. As an agency, we assume the role of an independent party that oversees the draw alongside the client's representatives in the commission. In this way, clients have insight into the entire process of drawing winners, which is conducted by a third, impartial party, by random selection.

Representative way of drawing is through our own application developed specifically for the needs of the prize game draw - the serial numbers of applications change on the screen, and at the moment of pressing the big button, a random number is generated and the application under that serial number is retrieved.

 We guarantee a transparent draw through procedures that we have developed over the years. We can record the drawing of the main prize with professional equipment and a leader or moderator for the purpose of publication on television or social networks.

After the draw, it is necessary to contact and inform the prize winners.

Selection, purchase and delivery of prizes A good prize fund has the greatest impact on the outcome of the prize draw. We help clients in creating a reward strategy, that is, in choosing the type of rewards and the dynamics of the draw.
According to the dynamics of the prize draw, they can be:
• Daily prizes – drawn between entries for each individual day of the prize draw
• Weekly prizes - drawn between entries over a period of one week, usually from Monday to Sunday or seven days in a row
• Main prizes – one or more prizes, drawn at the end of the prize draw among all entries
Sometimes the prize draw is divided into prize rounds of arbitrary duration, for example 10 days or 2 weeks, so the prize drawn for that round takes on the role of a "weekly" prize.
How many prizes are needed for a good raffle? If the duration of the prize draw is longer than a month, it is good to have weekly prizes. With sweepstakes for products that customers can consume daily or several times a week, it's good to have daily prizes.
If there are no daily and weekly prizes, in the final draw it is good to distribute a number of smaller prizes in addition to the main prize, in order to reward as many customers as possible.
The amount of prizes to be insured depends on their value.
In case the daily or weekly prizes are the organizer's gift packages (or similar prizes of lesser value), the number of such packages should be at least 100.
With gift cards, the amount should be from 5 to 50 per week, depending on their value.
What kind of prizes to give?

What prizes go best in sweepstakes? In the following, we present a brief overview based on previous experience.
The most attractive choices for the main prize are:
1. Non-series prizes (apartment, apartment on the sea, large and sound sums of money like €100,000)
2. Cars (premium car, electric car, family or city car)
3. Consumer cards (values ​​from €15,000 to €1,500)
4. Motorcycles or scooters
5. Valuable devices (top smartphones, TVs, laptops)
6. Reward trips (arrangements or vouchers for travel agencies)
7. Bicycles and electric bicycles
8. White goods and gadgets (sports watches, electric scooters).

For major prize games, even the weekly prizes will be selected from this list. Otherwise, consumer cards of smaller amounts are a good choice for weekly rewards, as well as store chain gift cards and the like.
Daily prizes are usually gift packages with the organizer's products, gift cards of smaller amounts and the like.

In any case, the prize should be useful for the winner - avoid expired goods and generally poor quality products. Don't associate your brand with that kind of rewards.

Procurement and delivery of prizes

In addition to creating a reward strategy, we can also handle the complete reward procurement process for clients – from cars and consumer cards to smaller rewards.

After drawing the winners and contacting them, we move on to sending the prizes. If the prizes are ready, we want to send them to the winners as soon as possible to make their experience even better. Handing out a grand prize like a car is a new opportunity to capture and photograph those moments.

We source all packaging material from verified suppliers in an appropriate manner – custom-made boxes, branded boxes, foils with air cushions, filling material, etc.
We send prizes by courier or registered mail. In both cases, the winner receives an SMS with a shipment announcement and a tracking number. If for any reason the winner has not claimed the prize, for example in situations where the registered parcel is undelivered at the post office, we monitor the status and contact the winner by phone to remind him to collect it.
We manage the prize distribution process from packaging to collection.

Statistical report

It is important to have an active monitoring of the results of the prize draw during its duration and after its end. If the response is not in line with expectations, an additional promotion can be made while the prize draw is still valid. For example, through increased advertising through digital channels or promotion at points of sale.

The parameters we want to monitor are:
• number of applications by channel
• number of unique participants
• number of new participants
• overview by days and weeks
• response by individual sales points
Our platform enables monitoring of all this data in real time.
For national sweepstakes, through our own algorithm, we provide a very precise assessment of response according to sales channels, including the ratio of the number of applications from different retail chains.
When it comes to a raffle in one retail chain, we can monitor the response for each individual point of sale. If the main prize is a car, very often the largest number of entries will come from the particular sales point where the car is on display.

After the completed project, we make a detailed report for clients, which we affectionately call google analytics for prize games. It contains a graphic representation and analysis of all relevant parameters.
Organizers often want to know the benchmark for the success of a sweepstakes. On the basis of previous projects, we can determine the expected range of the number of applications depending on the prize fund, the venue, the purchase condition and the like.
However, it is best to continuously monitor the response to your own sweepstakes and draw informed conclusions based on statistical reports. Thus, the client can conclude for his brand which mechanism brings the best result and which prizes were the most interesting to customers.

In the end, both clients and we have the same goal - to organize a raffle with an excellent response and experience for customers, and to reward the happiest ones with valuable prizes!

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