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Part 2: customer interest research


As an example of a Case Study, we chose a recent prize draw from DURACELL: WIN VALUABLE PRIZES WITH DURACELL, where we researched exactly what their customers think, what exactly the batteries are used for and other interesting facts.

For which devices exactly are DURACELL batteries used? Most likely, most will hit a few categories that really matter. But for precise information, it is best to ask the user directly, and here are their answers:



One of the most important things is customer loyalty and the frequency with which they buy your product. At DURACELL, we have the following situation regarding the frequency of battery purchases:

A strategic sales approach can be built on the basis of these percentages.

We emphasize that it is important to hear the voice of your users, customers. Not just in principle, but to truly collect their opinions. That's why we have separated here the comments for the use of batteries on specific devices. Note that the quality of the battery in, for example, a medical device has more serious implications than in other devices.

Frequent comments from customers that are using DURACELL for medical devices:

  • "The durability of the battery, the certainty that I am getting a functional battery. The brand name helps. Duracell batteries are known to be the leader in the battery market and as such are good for my more important devices."
  • "Easier to buy a duracell battery than carry spare no name batteries with you."
  • "The most important thing is the unsurpassed quality and durability compared to other batteries."


Customers that use DURACELL for toys:

  • "The most famous brand of batteries, even though they are expensive, marked my life with their advertisements."
  • "I remember my childhood when I watched the rabbit bring to life all the devices around him with his magical batteries, and that's how I remembered the name DURACELL. :) "
  • "They're good and done."


Customers that use DURACELL for remote controls:

  • "Duracell battery in my family has always been a synonym for quality and durability, for ensuring that the batteries will not spill on essential devices if we leave them for a long time in, for example, a cottage."


Why do customers choose DURACELL over other batteries?


This question was a so-called "open" question and the participants could say whatever they wanted. Such questions are difficult to classify, except when we have such a clear perception as in the above example. Open questions are extremely important if you want to hear the real opinion, whatever it may be. In this case, we received mostly praise, but it is very important to listen to constructive criticism and suggestions.

Additional collected data

By processing fiscal accounts, we obtained the following data:

  • the total consumption of all participants during the prize draw
  • number of items purchased and what is the ratio of DURACELL products
  • average of purchased items per account
  • the average amount of the fiscal account
  • average purchased DURACELL products per account
  • the most common stores where items were purchased
  • shopping time per hour.

Of course, there are also standard statistics that are very important: how many applications were there per day? How comparable is it to an advertising campaign? Which advertising channel managed to achieve the greatest success?


With any non-standard survey, it is important to know: how many of your customers participate in the survey exclusively for the rewards! This is the only way you can get a representative sample.


If we make smart use of trends in marketing and approach to customers, we have modern, gamified research that will give us concrete and relevant data and that with real, realistic customers. At the GELD DATA agency, which is the only one using the platform in the region, after many years of data collection and various researches, several advantages of a modern integrated research campaign have been confirmed:


  1. Simpler implementation
  2. Less cost
  3. Greater reach
  4. Relevance

Technology and innovation as a constant

Today's time dictates that you must respect technological trends and the latest methodologies. Otherwise, you are in serious danger of obsolescence, which can lead to undesirability of the brand.


The term "technological innovation" is used so much that it has already become somewhat trite, but it is certainly becoming a part of everyday life, however contradictory it may be. The excessive complexity of the technological present is partly compensated by the achievements of the technological giants who provide us with ready-made solutions. So we also have AI as ChatGPT, ready-made solutions for digital marketing by the company META and so on.


Platforms that combine multiple technologies, such as recognition of account data sent by the user, and analysis based on requested parameters during the prize draw, are available to everyone. Not only is the fiscal account checked, but we can immediately see whether it is a real or falsified account, how much was spent and exactly which product was purchased, when and where. And all this in such a way that the user only needs to transfer the photo of the account through, say, WhatsApp, without entering the fiscal account number or his data (if he has already logged in).


As an interesting point, I would like to mention that OCR was unimaginable in everyday use a few years ago, and today it is slowly becoming a standard tool around which the entire ecosystem of competitive companies is developed.


Those who lead the market game

Those who lead the market game first saw where they wanted to be, managed to predict trends, and then imposed themselves in the position of market leader. Every company that has been conducting research for years, measuring and comparing results and implementing strategies based on conclusions from the field, is guaranteed to have results on the field if it adjusts its strategy to the results obtained.

That's why our recommendation is, if you want to lead - don't change the game, but change your strategic approach.


The agency GELD DATA Ltd is solely responsible for creating the study, writing the article, as well as collecting, interpreting and presenting the data.