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Professional global consulting for creating a Prize Game / Sweeptakes / Givaways in any country of the world


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Consulting for Giveaways, Sweeptakes, Prize game

We offer a legal and technical consulting for contests, givaways and online games. As well as the adaptation of these businesses to the law of data protection and the law of information society and electronic commerce, with the purpose of guaranteeing the correct development of these according to the current legislation.

We assist companies in developing engaging gaming campaigns to boost their marketing efforts and showcase their products. Our consulting services cover a wide range of contest raffles and online games, ensuring that businesses have the necessary guidance to succeed.

  • Advice on the legal viability of the projects, as well as managing the commercial campaigns linked to the games themselves
  • Drafting of the legal bases and notarization of the same
  • Advice on the processing of participants’ personal data
  • Advice on the tax settlement for the prizes awarded and the payment of the corresponding fees for the holding of raffles
  • Study of alternatives and means to carry out raffles with economic prizes.
  • Adaptation of the giveaways and raffle campaigns to the Data Protection Law.
  • Advice for giveaways and raffles held on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and other digital platforms
  • Adaptation to the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Law
  • Obtaining of licenses and corresponding authorizations

At Buyerfy, we provide an extensive network of consultants specializing in national and international giveaways and competitions across all countries. With our expertise, we understand the intricacies of global companies conducting campaigns in diverse markets, requiring tailored strategies for each. Our clients benefit from a comprehensive analysis of all legal requirements necessary to successfully host giveaways and contests in a manner that aligns with regulations and guidelines.

If you're seeking expert advice and guidance for any project or campaign involving giveaways or contests, feel free to consult with us without any obligations.